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ViGEO presents a series of online workshops for educators who want to excel in teaching online. Pick up topics that are most relevant to you and upgrade your teaching toolkit.

 Key Features:

  • Well-researched topics

  • Hands-on training style

  • Session recording available

  • Live Q&A till questions

  • Further learning resources


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July 09-10 | 5 PM IST

Teaching the little ones online has been a major challenge for primary teachers. In this session, we will discuss various methods, techniques, and tools to effectively engage children remotely. 

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(Dates to be announced)

Young and old, we all love games. Learn how to revitalize your online teaching by bringing in the element of fun. In this session, we discuss the need, explore avenues, learn methods, and introduce digital tools to gamify your classroom. 

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(Dates to be announced)

With educators and learners online most of the time, it is important to ensure emotional and mental wellbeing. In this workshop, we will learn strategies to draw boundaries digitally so that we maximize learning and minimize burnout. 

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(Dates to be announced)

A one-size-fits-all approach to learning and evaluation leaves a lot of students behind. In this workshop, learn techniques to help each student set their own pace for learning and master concepts at each level before moving on to the next one.


(Dates to be announced)

Learn the art of making simple yet stunning presentations to create engaging learning environments. In this session, you will learn the science behind good visual design along with hands-on experience of three digital designing tools. 

(Dates to be announced)

Digital natives need digital solutions. In this workshop, learn how you can help students use digital resources to create class websites, collaborate online, use social media for learning, and work as a team.

(Dates to be announced)

Students are often taught what to learn and not how to learn. In this workshop, you will learn the science behind understanding better, remembering longer, and focusing intently so that you help students excel. 

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(Dates to be announced)

Evaluating learning is a key stage in assessing students' progress. In this session, learn online tools and methods to create evaluation systems that are effective, easy to use, and tamper-proof. 

(Dates to be announced)

Blended learning is here to stay. As an educator, you need to help students learn outside the class too. In this workshop, you will learn quick and effective ways to create resources that students will love to engage with. 

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(Dates to be announced)

Most educators prefer interacting with students in a live classroom. But when it moves online it comes with its own challenges. In this workshop, you will learn practical ways to keep a 60-minute session as engaging, fun, and enriching as possible for students. 

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Frequently asked questions

Who will be facilitating these workshops?

These workshops will be facilitated by Davis Abraham. Davis is a passionate communicator at heart. He has been a trainer in schools, colleges & businesses for the past six years. An M.Tech. graduate from NIT Calicut, Davis has a Professional Diploma in training from Asian College of Teachers. He is also a certified Career Counselor through iDreamCareer. Over the past six years, Davis Abraham has conducted 100+ online workshops, interacting with 10,000+ people including students, teachers and professionals from corporate and public sector. You can read about an online training course facilitated by Davis for 240+ ONGCians during the COVID-19 lockdown.

Who can register for the workshops?

Anyone who is interested in teaching and training and wants to learn the latest methods and tools can register. Educators can also join as a group and avail bulk discounts for the same. Contact +91 8756-999-888 for more details

How much does each workshop cost?

All workshops are priced at INR 249 except for the one on Digital Wellbeing which is INR 99.

When is the next batch?

We offer courses according to the demand. We will upload the next set of dates once we have completed one set of workshops. You can sign up on the form on this page to recieve an email update for the upcoming workshops.

Will I get a certificate?

Yes! All participants will receive an e-Certificate of Participation from ViGEO International Consulting for each workshop they attend. The participation will be deemed complete when the feedback is submitted.

What if I miss the live session?

You will get the recording of the session along with the further learning resources within 2 working days.