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Unleash your Creativity.

Free training for parents of little kids

Whether you are schooling from home or homeschooling your kids,​ one thing is clear - the parent has to be involved in their child's learning process much more than before. So where do we start? And how can we start well?

Join us for an evening of learning and with ViGEO's workshop series for parents of little kids - The Good Start. In this two 90-minute sessions, you will learn the foundations of early education and how you as a parent can help your child read better, speak clearly, and get the basics of math right.

What can you expect?


Get, set & go on a journey of helping your child read with a roadmap to Phonics


Basics of early Math and the  simple tricks & tips to
teach kids


Learn step by step methods to plan your child's phonics learning


Learn practical ways to teach from pre-math to division using fun methods


Learn to use simple resources available at home to create fun learning tools


Expert suggestions for advanced activities, tools, games & toys

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Join this live workshop now!
August 06-07, 04:00 PM IST

Normal Price - Rs.799

* Early bird offer valid till August 5

Meet your Trainers

Khushii Punjabi


Phonics & Reading Expert

Khushii is a passionate Phonics educator. She believes that kids at the pre-primary level learn through rhymes, poems, and stories rather than the pen and paper method.


Khushii, a mother of two teens, has trained hundreds of parents by providing them a systematic approach towards Phonics and specializes in creating games using simple resources available at home.

Jeba Jeniga Rajendran

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Early Math Expert

Jeba is an engineering graduate who worked for 7+ years in the IT sector before starting Jebez Studenery. She is a passionate and inspiring mompreneur and a mother of 2 adorable kids.

Through her venture, she helps parents choose the right learning resources based on the child's needs and invites students to enjoy mathematics through mind calculations and thorough concepts at an early age.

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