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Live Courses

6 Courses

Live Courses
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Teaching GenZ 2.0

6 hours  I  Live Course  I  Certificate upon Completion

Teaching online comes with new challenges. Upskill yourself into a futuristic teacher and learn to engage your students online. Teaching GenZ 2.0 is designed for teachers who want to take their online teaching to the next level.

Image by Kelly Sikkema

Teach Online Workshops

90-min Live Workshops  I  Certificate upon Completion

This is a series of online workshops for educators to choose from and excel in teaching online. Topics include gamifying classrooms, mastery-based learning, digital wellbeing, visual presentation, and more.

Image by Danielle MacInnes

Educator Motivation

90-min Live Workshops I  Certificate upon Completion

Educators learn ways to remain motivated and give their best. Topics include:

  • Purpose-driven work

  • Fostering resilience

  • Self-motivation

  • Growth mindset

  • Happiness in a VUCA world

Image by Joshua Eckstein

Teaching Methods

90-min Live Workshops I  Certificate upon Completion

Learn globally acclaimed methods for teaching more engagingly. Topics include:

  • Flipped Classrooms

  • Blended Learning

  • Mastery-based learning

  • Dynamic Classrooms

  • Gamify Learning

Image by Damian Zaleski

Digital Toolkit

90-min Live Workshops I  Certificate upon Completion

Learn to use easy and cost-effective digital tools to teach online. Topics include:

  • Presentation tools

  • Live calling tools

  • Evaluation tools

  • Facilitation tools

  • Interaction tools

Image by Leon

Personality Development

90-min Live Workshops I  Certificate upon Completion

Learn essential soft skills to thrive as an educator and also as a team. Topics include:

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Work-Life Balance

  • Beat Procrastination

  • Building Great Teams

  • Stress Management



2 Courses

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Gamify Classrooms

Self-paced Course  I  Certificate upon Completion

Gamify Classrooms is a one-of-its-kind learning experience for educators who want to make their online classrooms more engaging and fun-filled. Learn 12 digital tools to enrich your online teaching.

Image by Andy Beales

Beat Procrastination Bootcamp

Self-paced Course  I  Certificate upon Completion

Learn practical steps to stop procrastinating about things that are truly important. Find root causes of your procrastination, make winning plans, starting lasting habits and enjoy focused living. 

  • How do I book a course?
    Click here to contact us. We will respond within 24 hours to learn which course fits your needs.
  • Who can book a course?
    Typically, management personnel book courses on behalf of their company.
  • Can I join a course as an individual?
    We offer self-paced courses that you can take as an individual. Go to to learn more. We also offer live courses to institutions and companies at a group rate. Click here to contact us and learn if there are any upcoming courses happening that you can join.
  • How much does a course cost?
    The price for live courses and workshops depends on the needs of your company. If you are interested in our services, we will discuss your needs and send you a proposal within 24 hours. Prices are negotiable according to the size of the group. Click here to contact us. The price for self-paced courses can be found on our self-paced courses webpage
  • When is the next course?
    We offer courses according to the demand. In other words, we work on your schedule. You tell us, and we will seek to make it happen. Click here to contact us.
  • Who are your trainers?
    Our main trainers are Davis Abraham and Robert Smythe. You can learn more about them on our About page. We also partner with an expanding network of highly-qualified trainers. The trainers for each course vary according to the topic.
  • Will I get a certificate?
    Yes! All participants who attend the course will receive an e-Certificate of Completion from ViGEO International Consulting. The course will be deemed complete when the course feedback is submitted.
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