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Skilled for Life


 Skilled for Life

As yet another eventful year passes us by, it is a good time to reflect on the past and refocus on the year ahead. This new year, ViGEO in association with ICPF UK & Ireland hosts a 12-session online course for students. It will be a time of learning, reflection, fun, and action to look positively at academics & life.

This course will be an opportunity for Christian stduents to learn essential life skills, people skills, and academic skills to thrive in their life. All the sessions will be presented with a strong biblical foundation and practical steps.

 Essential Personal Skills

Topics Covered:

  1.  Know Yourself

  2. Mastering Time

  3. Beating Procrastination

  4. Goal Setting & Planning

  5. Digital Detox

  6. Building Healthy habits


 Desirable People Skills

Topics Covered:

  1. Reading to summarise

  2. Writing with conviction

  3. Speaking with clarity

  4. Listening with intent

 Useful Study Skills

Topics Covered:

  1. Understanding Better

  2. Remembering Longer

  3. Writing Exams Better

  4. Digital Toolkit for Students


Course Highlights

Each online sessions of 75 minutes duration live on Zoom.

Biblical foundations reinforced and applied to help students live out their faith.

Short & engaging segments with actionable talks, inspiring videos, activities, & games.

Monthly online challenges with interesting prizes to put the learning into practice

Student focussed content with topics from personal skills, people skills & professional skills.

Curated list of useful resources after each session to take the learnings forward.

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Skilled for Life - Online Course
Starts February 12, 2022

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