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  • Sheryl Shiju Sam

Dear Class of 2021

Life is unpredictable even in the best of times.

Add to it an ongoing pandemic, mass resignations, fluctuating economy and it can baffle even those who think they have it all sorted.

These are times many wish they could take a peek into the future through a glowing globe and make all the right decisions. If you are a class 12 student, you too may be struggling with an onslaught of questions at this juncture in life.

Which industry will survive the pandemic?”

“Will there be jobs after I graduate from college?”

“Can I make it in an unconventional career path?”

“What about all those new courses flooding the block?”

If you are also nodding your head, know that you are not alone. Most parents and students of the “Class of 2021” are facing the same struggle about the way forward.

So as you bid your school goodbye, what’s your next move?

An obvious answer could be to ask a friend, a relative, or a senior from school or simply just Google it! While asking a friend or senior may look like a good choice, they often have limitations when it comes to providing the right insights, methodology, and analysis that you really need. As for Google, the paid ads and biased articles that appear at the top of the search results may give you hundreds of options but could very well add to your confusion.

Here is where professional career guidance comes in.

As a rookie just starting out, the confusion can feel quite overwhelming. What you really need is an insider’s perspective. Someone who knows about the various processes and criteria, the ins and outs of the education sector, and someone who can ask you the right questions. A trained career counselor can help you identify your natural interests and key focus areas and lead you to the right options to choose from. Not only that, they also help you find the right motivation, point to the best resources, and handhold you through the vigorous process of applying to colleges.

The pandemic has shut down many thriving industries for the foreseeable future, which means many people have to start all over again or wait till things can resume back again. But it has also brought a paradigm shift in the way careers are perceived. It is a whole new ball game out there with new streams of making an income sprouting each day. You wouldn’t want to miss being the best you could be while finding joy and satisfaction in what you do. And for that, starting on the right note is the first step to take.

We at ViGEO are committed to ensuring your success. We excel in asking the right questions. We want to empower you to make the decisions for yourself, instead of being told what to do. We don’t just point you to the options available but want to invest in your growth as a professional right from the beginning.

We aspire for you to thrive!

You can reach out to Davis Abraham, our trained Career Counselor, at for starting this conversation. Join our free live interaction session on Tuesday, August 10 at 6:00 PM IST

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