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 Live Workshop on Prezi

 Prezi builds virtual presentation tools that are the most engaging and effective way to share visual content online. Today, Prezi is a global leader in presentations, inspiring and empowering hundreds of millions of people to communicate better.

In this live workshop, we will learn the A-Z of presenting with Prezi, starting from creating an account, to customizing templates, recording videos, and going live on Zoom.

Join the Live Workshop
June 02, 5-7 PM

About the Trainer

This workshop will be hosted by Davis Abraham, Training Head at ViGEO.


Davis is a passionate communicator at heart. He has been a trainer in schools, colleges & businesses for the past seven years. An M.Tech. graduate from NIT Calicut, Davis has conducted 150+ online workshops, interacting with 10,000+ people including students, teachers, and professionals from the corporate and public sectors since March 2020.

Davis started using Prezi during his college days when the software was in its primitive stages. Now Prezi, with its advanced features and capabilities, is his number one choice to facilitate high-quality workshops. You can check out a quiz night that was hosted live via Prezi and a self-paced course intro recorded using Prezi.


Frequently asked questions

Who can register for the workshop?

Anyone who is interested in teaching and training and wants to learn the latest methods and tools can register. Educators can also join as a group and avail bulk discounts for the same. Contact +91 8756-999-888 for more details

When is the next batch?

We offer courses according to the demand. We will upload the next set of dates once we have completed one set of workshops.

Will I get a certificate?

Yes! All participants will receive an e-Certificate of Participation from ViGEO International Consulting for each workshop they attend. The participation will be deemed complete when the feedback is submitted.

What if I miss the live session?

You will get the recording of the session along with the further learning resources within 2 working days.