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Self-Paced Bundles for Educators


ViGEO presents a series of self-paced learning bundles for educators who want to excel in teaching online. Choose a teaching method that you want to excel in and start learning at your own pace!

 Key Features:

  • Bundle = Concept + Digital tools

  • Capsule sized concept teaching

  • Detailed step-by-step tutorials

  • Six month access


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Learn practical ways to keep your students engaged during your live sessions. This includes planning your session, including attention resets and engagement tools that keep students hooked to the lesson!

Tools Included: Slido + Padlet + Canva + Jamboards + Spiral + Prezi (Live) 

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Want to ensure that your students will engage with the resources you send them? Learn quick and effective ways to create resources that students will love to engage with.

Tools Included:  EdPuzzle + Threadit + Genially + Canva Record +Prezi (Record)

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Revitalize your online teaching by bringing in the element of fun. Learn the avenues, methods, and ways to introduce digital tools in your classroom.

Tools Included:  KeeptheScore + Canva Badges + Blooket + Baamboozle + Flippity + Wordwall + Boom

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A one-size-fits-all approach to learning and evaluation leaves a lot of students behind. Learn techniques to help each student set their own pace for learning and master concepts at each level.

Tools Included:  Quizalise + Notion + Coggle + Baamboozle (Flashcards)

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Frequently asked questions

Who will be facilitating these learning videos?

These workshops will be facilitated by Davis Abraham. Davis is a passionate communicator at heart. He has been a trainer in schools, colleges & businesses for the past six years. An M.Tech. graduate from NIT Calicut, Davis has a Professional Diploma in training from Asian College of Teachers. He is also a certified Career Counselor through iDreamCareer. Over the past six years, Davis Abraham has conducted 100+ online workshops, interacting with 10,000+ people including students, teachers and professionals from corporate and public sector. You can read about an online training course facilitated by Davis for 240+ ONGCians during the COVID-19 lockdown.

Who can get access to these bundles?

Anyone who is interested in teaching and training and wants to learn the latest methods and tools can register.

How long will I get access to the videos?

You will get access for six months from the date of purchase. One of the challenges of self-paced courses is the low-completion rate of courses. We have intentionally added limits to the number of days you can access the course so that there will be a sense of urgnecy and a drive to complete. Lifetime access courses are often procrastinated for a lifetime!

How can I watch these videos?

After you register, you will get a welcome email with instructions to create an account on our training page. Kindly use the same email to create the account as the one used to make the payment. Once you are granted access, you can access the videos on the page for six months.

Will I get a certificate?

Sorry No! These videos are meant to equip you to teach better and learn at your pace and not as a course to be completed.

How long are the videos?

The concept video in each bundle is 20-30 minutes long. Each digital tool tutorial can vary from 10-30 minutes depending on the complexity.