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 Teaching the digital generation needs a mindset that is willing to embrace change and challenges, a new set of methods to create, curate, and present content for a digital audience, and also a new medium to communicate seamlessly.

We at ViGEO have created the "The Online Teaching Framework" with 27 elements for creating effective and sustainable online learning environments. Join our free webinar to learn how to take your teaching to the next level by incorporating these elements.

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Online Teaching Framework

Get motivated to ace this crisis by building the right mindset

Learn to create student-centric learning environments online for them to thrive

Well researched teaching methods for the 21st century 


Easy and effective ways to help students understand better and remember longer

Use the latest cutting-edge digital tools to make learning engaging for your students

Create learning resources that will help students continue growing


Frequently asked questions

Who will be facilitating this webinar?

It will be facilitated by Davis Abraham, Training Head at ViGEO. Davis is a passionate communicator at heart. He has been a trainer in schools, colleges & businesses for the past six years. An M.Tech. graduate from NIT Calicut, Davis has a Professional Diploma in training from Asian College of Teachers. He is also a certified Career Counselor through iDreamCareer. Over the past six years, Davis Abraham has conducted 100+ online workshops, interacting with 10,000+ people including students, teachers and professionals from corporate and public sector. You can read about an online training course facilitated by Davis for 240+ ONGCians during the COVID-19 lockdown.

Who can register for this webinar?

Anyone who is interested in teaching and training and wants to learn the latest methods and tools can register.

Where will the webinar be hosted?

This webinar will be hosted as a YouTube live. The link will be shared with those who register for the webinar.

Will I get a certificate?

A Certificate of Particiapation will be issued to everyone who completes the webinar feedback form.

What if I miss the live session?

The session will be uploaded on YouTube later. However the live interactions, peer learning and the exhilarating quiz will all be missed!

What is the webinar outline?

The Online Teaching Framwork and its 27 salient elements will be introduced along with practical ways to improve the learning environment online.