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Anniversary Celebrations

 ViGEO Turns Two!

ViGEO means "I Thrive" in Latin. This is exactly what we aspire for our clients and learners. Be it teacher training, skills development, or career guidance, our motto remains the same.

We at ViGEO have been fortunate to journey with over 4000+ learners in the past two years of our existence. Join us as we celebrate this amazing journey and look forward with optimism into the years ahead.

Upcoming Events

Blog writing competition for the wordsmiths out there. Choose a topic & write.

Join a 6-day online treasure hunt where clues will lead you to new places & insights.

Design cool creative posters on Canva and win attractive prizes.

Join an Instagram live stream for students where we talk about pursuing excellence.

Participate in the live Freedom Quiz as we celebrate our Independence Day!

Learning Summit 2021 where we talk about overcoming learning challenges

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ViGEO Turns Two!!
-21 August, 2021

You can join any of these events using the one-stop register link below. You will get all relevant information as an email/text. Make sure to follow us on Instagram for getting all the updates.


Event Details

Online Treasure Hunt

Join the exhilirating search for clues and answers in this one-of-a-kind quiz. Date : August 16-21, 2021 Details

  • Age limit: 13+
  • Must follow @vigeoindia on Instagram.
  • This will be a series of picture clues that the participants have to decode and come up with the right answer
  • One question will be posted each day at a specific time.
  • Those who decode one level will get access to the next.
  • The first 10 participants who decode all questions will be declared winners
  • Links and further instructions will be sent via email/text to the registered participants
  • Top 10 winners will get prizes from ViGEO
  • The first one to complete all 10 questions will win Amazon gift card worth Rs.500
  • The first 5 to complete all 10 questions will get free pass to two VIGEO workshops in August '21
  • The next five to complete all 10 questions will get 50% discount coupons to two ViGEO workshops in August '21

Creative Writing Contest

Inviting blog post articles from anyone willing to write! Last Date of submission : August 19, 2021 Topics

  1. #3 Unconventional career options to consider
  2. Practical ways to upskill from home
  3. Caring for our mental health in the pandemic
  1. You must follow @vigeoindia on Instagram
  2. Age limit : 13 yrs & above
  3. Entries must be under 800 words
  4. Only one entry per person
  5. Original content only. Plagiarism will lead to disqualification.
  1. Top three articles (one per topic) will be published on our blog with attributions
  2. Top three authors will get a free pass for our Creative Writing Workshop (Aug-Sep 2021)
  3. The author of the best article will recieve an Amazon gift card worth Rs.500
  • Catchy headlines get extra points.
  • Your work should be well formatted as if ready to hit the publish button.
  • We are not Grammar Police but we champion attention to detail and excellence in worK!
  • Surprise us with your creativity and uniqueness but abusive language is not welcome
  • If you are quoting someone else's work, attribute via links to the source. (Maximum of 3 links only)

ViGEO Learning Summit

Grand finale of our 2nd Anniversery Celebrations! ViGEO Learning Summit 2021 is a platform to provide insights to teachers, parents & students about overcoming the challenges of online learning. Insightful keynotes, lively interactions & amazing time of peer learning. Date & Time : August 21, 2021 @ 5:00 PM IST Program Details

  • Three guest speakers
    • Finding Intrinsic Motivation
    • Homeschooling - the possibility
    • Caring for our Teens
  • Panel discussion for live Q&A
  • Winners of all competitions will be announced live
  • All live participants get a free ebook from ViGEO
  • Exit-Quiz with exciting give aways for winners

Freedom Quiz Live

Live Quiz on the occasion of 75th Indian Independance Day. Date & Time: August 14, 6:00 PM IST Quiz Details

  1. Live 30 minute quiz on YouTube
  2. Hosted live on Mentimeter (link will be shared)
  3. Automated Leaderboard
Quiz Rules
  1. Must follow @vigeoindia on Instagram & YouTube
  2. Only one device per person
  3. Age limit: 13+
  4. Screenshot of winning screen needs to be submitted for review
Quiz Prizes
  1. One winner gets an Amazon gift card of Rs.500
  2. Top 5 winners recieve free-pass to any ViGEO workshops in Aug-Sep 2021

Equipped to Excel

Live interaction with Davis Abraham, Training Head, ViGEO on Practical Tips for Pursuing Excellence as students. Date & Time: 18th August, 2021 @ 6:00 PM Details

  1. This will be via Instagram live on our page @vigeoindia
  2. It will be a short 30-minute presentation followed by Q&A
  3. All participants who attend live will get a brand new e-book by ViGEO for students
  4. A reminder message will be sent for all registered participants

Digital Poster Making Contest

Inviting original digital posters from creative designers. Last Date of submission : August 19, 2021 Topics

  1. India @ 75
  2. Quarantine learnings
  3. Education of the future
  1. You must follow @vigeoindia on Instagram
  2. Designs must be created on Canva and the editable link should be shared
  3. Can include quotes & collages
  4. Only free stock images allowed
  5. Only 1 entry per person allowed
  6. Original work only. Duplications and rip-offs will be disqualified
  7. Age limit: 13+
  1. Top three posters will be published on our Instagram with attributions
  2. Top three designers will get a free pass for our Visual Designing Workshop (Aug-Sep 2021)
  3. The designer of the best poster will recieve one month subscription of Canva Pro
  1. Your ability to transform concepts into graphical presentation
  2. The unique perspective that you will portray via your poster
  3. Attention to detail such as colors, alignment,layouts etc.