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 Teaching GenZ was our flagship training program for educators when the CoVID pandemic hit all of us. In over 30 batches, we worked with over 3000 educators helping them navigate the tricky waters of online teaching.

TGZ 2.0 is a series of online workshops for educators who want to take their online teaching to the next level. Learn the right mindset, effective methods, and engaging medium to ace your teaching game.

 Key Features:

  •  3 Live training sessions (2 hours)

  • World-class online teaching methods

  • Free & easy-to-use digital teaching tools

  • Further self-paced learning resources

  • Live Q&A for better clarity
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The next batch of Teaching GenZ 2.0 is from 08-10 June, 2021 at 5 PM IST

Benefits of TGZ 2.0

Get motivated to ace this crisis by building the right mindset

Learn to create student-centric learning environments online for them to thrive

Well researched teaching methods for the 21st century 


Easy and effective ways to help students understand better and remember longer

Use the latest cutting-edge digital tools to make learning engaging for your students

Self-paced further learning resources that will help continue growing




TGZ Live

  • Access to 3 Live sessions

  • Access to session recordings

  • Further learning resources

  • Certificate on completion

Rs. 1099  599


TGZ Live + Self-Paced

  • Access to 3 Live sessions

  • Access to session recordings

  • 30-day access to our self-paced course

  • Certificate on completion (two)

Rs. 1499  799


“ There are lots of resources, webinars, and videos available online talking about the different thoughts and ways of online classes. This training gives a simple and structured way of understanding what to expect and how to maximise our available resources and be a confident online teacher.”

Payal Dass Stephan


Frequently asked questions

Who will be facilitating this course?

TGZ 2.0 will be facilitated by Davis Abraham. Davis is a passionate communicator at heart. He has been a trainer in schools, colleges & businesses for the past six years. An M.Tech. graduate from NIT Calicut, Davis has a Professional Diploma in training from Asian College of Teachers. He is also a certified Career Counselor through iDreamCareer. Over the past six years, Davis Abraham has conducted 100+ online workshops, interacting with 10,000+ people including students, teachers and professionals from corporate and public sector. You can read about an online training course facilitated by Davis for 240+ ONGCians during the COVID-19 lockdown.

Who can register for the TGZ 2.0 course?

Anyone who is interested in teaching and training and wants to learn the latest methods and tools can register.

When is the next batch?

We offer courses according to the demand. We will upload the next set of dates once we have completed one set of workshops.

Will I get a certificate?

Yes! All participants will receive an e-Certificate of Participation from ViGEO International Consulting for each workshop they attend. The participation will be deemed complete when the feedback is submitted.

What if I miss the live session?

You will get the recording of the session along with the further learning resources within 2 working days.

Are there any options to register as a group?

We offer discounts for groups with 10 or more participants. The larger the group the lesser the price. Please contact Emmanuel for more enquiries at +91 8756-999-888.

What is the course outline?

Teaching GenZ is designed as a three session course. Each day there will be a healthy mix of topics on the three aspects of teaching onine - mindset (psychology), methods (methodology), and medium (technology). Find the course outline here There will be a daily theme and so the topics from the above three aspects will be seamlessly presented with practical hands-on assignments. Each session will be followed by a detailed Q&A and particiapants will be provided with a curated list of further learning resources.

What is the self-paced course mentioned in this page?

Gamify Classrooms is a one-of-its-kind learning experience for educators who want to make their online classrooms more engaging and fun-filled. You can find more details about the course by clicking here. You will be provided a 30-day access while registering using the link on this page.